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One of the most important drivers of cryptocurrency adoption is instant settlements and seamless user experience. These have been a key challenge considering the complexity of crypto & how the blockchain network has had challenges with scalability & ease of use. Building easy to use applications that incorporate different cryptocurrencies is one sure way of onboarding users and fostering confidence in utilization of crypto. Unlike the early days of crypto, today cryptocurrency holders have a number of avenues to spend their crypto. One particularly stands out due to the wide range of merchants and applications that it offers for its…


How to Trade Cryptocurrency Without KYC

Since Bitcoin was first launched in 2009, a lot has changed in the cryptocurrency industry. Governments of all countries are working hard to invent new legislation, with the help of which they`ll be able to take the blockchain industry under control. After all, the watchdogs want crypto enthusiasts to show their faces and pay taxes. And now many people no longer remember why, in fact, bitcoin was invented. The fact is that bitcoin was not invented as a tool for market speculation and not for somebody`s enrichment as well. Bitcoin was supposed to challenge the existing financial system. Some people…

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This week, through its mobile app has added two African fiat currencies. In its bid to attract and win a global appeal more so, the African market, the company has added ZAR (South Africa) and Kes (Kenya) as payment currencies. These two national currencies join other 14 national payment currencies options available on the app including USD, GBP, EUR, CAD and AUD among others. It is no doubt the African market is endearing itself to leading cryptocurrency exchanges especially with the witness of these platforms trooping into the continent. See here to learn reasons for increased Bitcoin P2P trading…

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Bitcoin Peer-to-Peer Trading in Africa

In the last three years, the popularity and awareness of Bitcoin peer to peer trading has continued to grow within the African continent. Hence, leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms such as Localbitcoins, Binance Uganda, Paxful, and Localcryptos all aiding purchase and selling of Bitcoin among others have their eyes set on Africa. It is now emerging the continent’s peer-to-peer transactions are ballooning and taking on leading markets renowned for being huge on Bitcoin transactions. For instance, in May 2020, Africa marched past Latin America to occupy second place in terms of P2P trading volume just behind North America, according to data…

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