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Cryptocurrency Price Analysis: BITCOIN

10th September 2020 Bitcoin faced a massive decline over the past week, but the asset stands firmly on the $10,000 psychological support. The largest cryptocurrency is experiencing it’s worst performing month with an average return falling to -7%, However, experts believe that a high volatility will explode the largest crypto asset above this worst performing scenario. By the time of writing, the asset is trading at $10,410 a sign showing that the bulls are buckling up after being snubbed off since the beginning of this month. SHORT TERM PRICE PREDICTION: BTC/USD (Source: Source Link) Examining from the Technical levels, the…

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Cryptocurrency in the Digital Transformation

Currency is anything that is in circulation and can be used as a means of exchange. More importantly, it must be widely accepted so that it has intrinsic value. In the early days, the barter system was widely used. Gold and silver coins began to be used much later. Among several experiments were performed on the use of unusual items as currencies. In ancient Sparta, for example, large iron rods were used as coins. This was done to prevent the prosecution and keeping people focused on state development. In the Pacific island, the yak, giant, motionless circular stones were used…

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