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Russian Telecoms Regulator Blocks Access to Binance

Russia is one of the most finicky countries as far as cryptocurrency acceptance is concerned. The Eastern European giant made waves earlier this year when it adopted its first pro-crypto regulatory policy. However, some regulators have still made significant moves to undermine growth in the industry. No Prior Notice In the latest show of aggression, Roskomnadzor, the country’s internet security agency, added top cryptocurrency exchange Binance to a set of blacklisted websites banned from the country. According to an official announcement on Telegram from Binance , the regulator blocked Binance’s domain in the country, leaving the exchange out in the…

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Russia Clamps Down on Popular Crypto Aggregator, a crypto aggregator and market data platform, has been blocked and would no longer be accessible to Russians, according to an announcement on social media platform  Peddling “Illegal” Information The announcement explained that BestChange was blocked along with several other industry sites. Court records also show that BestChange wasn’t the only industry-related site that Roskomnadzor, Russia’s telecoms regulator, blocked. The agency also shut down the websites for and The court records explain that these websites offered to buy Bitcoin and other assets in exchange for money. Given that Russia’s new laws prevent Bitcoin from being used as…

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