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iCherry Smart Contract Audit

Introduction CoinFabrik was asked to audit the contracts for the iCherry.Finance project. First we will provide a summary of our discoveries and then we will show the details of our findings. Contracts The audited contracts are: MemberManager.sol: Data structure for managing members, which is already deployed on the tron network at address TRCKRkrUm9L2hz8DwgWoE2hpGNrzNez1cY USDT.sol: The main contract is used for managing the rewards of each member. The audited contracts and their md5sum are: USDT.sol f7b0f29ab655d27bec38a6c889c11f75 MemberManager.sol 60ab2aeeda764e39f969f2e77ad404f8 Analyses The following analyses were performed: Misuse of the different call methods Integer overflow errors Division by zero errors Outdated version of Solidity…

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