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HEX Smart Contract Audit

Introduction CoinFabrik was asked to audit the contracts for the HEX project. Firstly, we will provide a summary of our discoveries and secondly, we will show the details of our findings. Summary The contracts audited are from the HEX repository at The audit is based on the commit b0a5f8e5596d4fbb9b2ced67a2e982e2b1a50ce7 and updated to reflect changes until commit 67bd0093c5796b659fd27a813c431773ecfc7fef. The audited contracts are: GlobalsAndUtility.solHEX.solStakeableToken.solTransformableToken.solUTXOClaimValidation.solUTXORedeemableToken.sol We analyzed the code for the following errors: Misuse of the different call methods: call.value(), send() and transfer()Integer rounding errors, overflow, underflow and related usage of SafeMath functionsOutdated version of Solidity compilerRace conditions such as reentrancy attacks…

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