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Who’s Afraid of Security Tokens?: STO Ecosystem Starts to Deliver on 2018 Hype

Despite a number of choke points, development continues for both security tokens themselves and the market infrastructure to support them. The general hype circa 2018 proclaimed security tokens as crypto’s killer app. After Bitcoin fell from its $20,000 peak in December 2017, some of the more revolutionary promises of cryptocurrencies had lost their luster — especially after the subsequent collapse of the altcoin market and the mayhem of initial coin offerings.Security token offerings, or STOs, on the other hand, were billed as a more manageable, if still extreme, way of upgrading the dusty old financial systems that back equity trading.…

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Securitize Smart Contract Audit

Introduction CoinFabrik was asked to audit the Securitize contracts for the DSToken project. First we will provide a summary of our discoveries and then we will show the details of our findings. Summary The contracts audited are from the DSToken repository at The audit is based on commit b9e74fc84f562b12bb06d3c30d29be32507886e0, and updated to reflect changes at commit d41228237979845cdbdc83e216bd44903a0de472. Description DSToken is an implementation of Securitize’s Digital Securities Protocol. It is composed of several modules that combined together create a security token. Compliance: Contains regulatory policies that can be applied to a security token. Registry: Consists of a registry of investors and…

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