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NBX Review: Norway’s Leading Cryptocurrency Exchange

Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) has established itself as a pioneer in digital coin trading and offers top tier crypto trading services. NBX has is one of the leading crypto exchanges in Norway, with a marketplace that empowers crypto selling and buying not only for Norwegian citizens but also for international investors. NBX Overview At present, NBX’s offices are located in 3 areas, which are Oslo (Norway), Halifax (Canada) and Riga (Latvia). NBX was launched with the aim to establish a speedy and reliable exchange that is able to help build the Norwegian crypto industry – and bring it closer to…

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Top 3 CashBack Crypto Services to Watch

Who doesn’t love rewards and rebates? The cashback concept appeals to pretty much everyone and goes some way towards assuaging the guilt that tends to follow an indulgent spending spree. Earning a modest percentage of your transaction value back in the form of in-store credits, discounts or cashback is a fixture of the modern commerce experience, with new schemes even granting rewards in cryptocurrency. If you’re keen to generate a passive income in your preferred digital asset, these crypto back solutions are worth a look. StormX The proposition of StormX is simple: earn anywhere, anytime, from any device. And that…

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