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How does a node send a chain?

I apologize for the newbie question. I understand that in selfish mining a malicious node can "send its entire hidden chain". Exactly how is this done? I know that usually a single block is broadcast-ed right after it is mined, but how does it relay an entire chain? I am looking at the original bitcoin protocol It seems that inv can broadcast many objects. So would a malicious node send an entire chain via one call to inv or many? Also, how does a node resolve these longest chain broadcasts? Does it need to call getblocks everytime?

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Market Making in Crypto Exchanges: An Introduction

Market makers at stock exchanges are companies or individuals who stand ready to buy and sell securities. Similarly, market makers at crypto exchanges sell and buy crypto assets on a continuous basis at a publicly quoted price. Since everbody can place an order at crypto exchanges, like e.g. Binance or BitMEX, and order execution is managed automatically, everyone can easily become a market maker. From the perspective of traders, market makers are great, since they help to find counterparties. But what is the incentive to be a market maker? How do they make a profit from providing liquidity? Basic Concept…

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