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Backtest your Trading Strategies with Bitfinex Terminal & Honey Framework

The Honey Framework provides easy ways to create and backtest trading strategies. Today we are taking a look at how you can backtest your trading strategies with Bitfinex Terminal data and Node.js. Bitfinex Terminal was released with the needs of algo traders in mind – a fast, reliable way to sync and share historical data. We will take a trading strategy, EMA Crossover, and backtest it on historical candle data. We will run our backtest on 5-minute candles from BTCUSD trading data. That data is, like in a blockchain, stored in a Merkle Tree and can be cryptographically verified. The…

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What’s new with Honey Framework 3.1.1?

The Honey Framework is a powerful tool that allows users to program their own custom order types and trading strategies. It integrates directly into the trading interface allowing for a native experience.This week we are celebrating the release of the Honey Framework UI v3.1.1 which focuses on dramatically improving the strategy creation experience. So… What’s new? Historical backtesting is here! We’ve added complex historical backtesting to help users test out their trading strategies before they hit the markets. The new tester allows for custom start/end date ranges, timeframes and can be executed on all Bitfinex supported markets. Once executing,…

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Honey Framework UI v3.1 release

Over the last few months, the Honey Framework team has had one goal in mind: To make the UI as reliable and as stable as possible. In this release, we have not only added some really cool new features but we have also fixed lots of small annoying bugs and, FINALLY, managed to support building for MacOS from our Linux build servers. So what’s new? 1. Better support for MacOS! Although the UI has worked on previous versions of MacOS, Mojave has proved to be a real pain for us due to the changes that Apple has made to their…

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Bitfinex 2019: A year in review

2019 has been a great and productive year for the Bitfinex team. We’ve been working hard to provide our users with the best trading experience, while at the same time, playing our role as one of the major exchanges and pioneers in the crypto industry.  As the year comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to review what we’ve accomplished so far and reflect on how we can do better to contribute to the broader crypto community.  Here are the highlights of some of our accomplishments throughout the year:  January Migration onto dedicated servers Bitfinex migrates from AWS-Cloud to…

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Tutorial: Getting started with the new V3 Honey Framework

A couple of months ago we made the big announcement that we were going to release a new cool piece of technology called the “Honey Framework UI”, which aimed to package all of the power provided by the Honey Framework into a simple easy-to-install application. Well, three months on and we have made some serious improvements, making the HF UI an even more powerful tool for our market participants utilize. In this tutorial, we are going to look at how to install the software, authenticate ourselves and use all of the new features that have been added in version three!…

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Honey Framework UI v3 is here!

What is Honey Framework? The Honey Framework is an extremely powerful tool that spans across both NodeJS and Python allowing users to create completely custom order types or event driven automated trading strategies. The framework integrates natively into the Bitfinex trading platform, meaning all HF order types are usable from directly within the web UI creating a unique trading experience which can help traders get an edge. The Honey Framework UI Last September we introduced the Honey Framework UI, our simple installable application which packages together all of the HF tech into an easy to use bundle. Users can install…

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