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Retrieve all Unspend Output given a priv key

Is it possible to retrieve all Unspend Output transaction given the private key? I have noticed that different wallet give me different balance for the same Private Key. For instance, Atom and BitPay give the same result but they use BIP44. Exodus and Defi Wallet give the same result and they use BIP84. On these wallets I have given the same Private Key but every wallet sees part of the Unspend Output. Hence my question. Thanks

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Unable to recover an old Android Bitcoin Wallet backup

So here's the thing. I have an old Bitcoin Wallet backup from 2015 that I'm trying to restore. However when I try to import it back into the android application, even though I'm 99.9%** sure I got the correct passphrase, it is unable to import the wallet into the application. I tried following this tutorial to recover the private key, and after executing openssl enc -d -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -a -in bitcoin-wallet-backup-2015-12-22 > bitcoin-wallet-decrypted-backup with no error**, I get a decrypted file full of garbage. The next command in the tutorial is supposed to determine if the file is encoded…

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Testnet3 app will not sync to peers

I was just trying to connect testnet3 to my own testnet node through the "trusted peer" and "skip regular peers" settings, but it seems that in this way it cannot connect to a trusted peer which runs 0.21.0. I tested several 0.21.0 nodes and it does not connect to any of them. However, it does connect to a trusted peer which is 0.17.0, for example. Also, with default settings (no trusted node) it displays some 0.21.0 nodes in the peers list, not sure why. Did anyone notice this and managed to find a workaround? Thank you.

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Importing bitcoinj mnemonic into electrum or deriving private keys from mnemonic

I am having a really hard time backing up my bitcoinj mnemonic and importing it somewhere else. I am backing up the mnemonic like so: Wallet wallet = Wallet.createDeterministic(params, Script.ScriptType.P2WPKH); DeterministicSeed seed = wallet.getKeyChainSeed(); System.out.println("seed: " + seed.toString()); System.out.println("creation time: " + seed.getCreationTimeSeconds()); System.out.println("mnemonicCode: " + Utils.SPACE_JOINER.join(seed.getMnemonicCode())); This gives me: cram approve decline tobacco truly giant remember author install dirt spare law The wallet dump for this wallet/mnemonic looks like this: Keys: Earliest creation time: 2020-09-10T23:01:55Z Seed birthday: 1599778915 [2020-09-10T23:01:55Z] Ouput script type: P2PKH Key to watch: xpub685v329L5UXezQQmCRgftKRud7hYHHR2U9RPCzRVwQNNWQuTHawgzBXD5RgAYLroJFiqTxEhF5jmbXJAWB341x8r3hdUFWfZd1Rh9uycNR3 Lookahead siz/thr: 100/33 addr:13ScJMSbxg6JYVaWNJAawZMaKW9KDdsz2H hash160:1ac81dec190ab5981f5b8d9627136c806b013ff8 (M, root) addr:18jGHhTXzKJcU1TqpMkozYQQBKHsnExT1H hash160:54c71cd14809d8e4695d0ab8881b9c971c28d833 (M/0H, account) addr:1HJbGGSZ42tG9nrTU6aGS2xJwCSEb6rKfg…

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Private key to WIF process

I have a private key for a storage bitcoin wallet (there's not much in there I'm just testing methods) but it is in private key form and to import it to my main wallet I need to convert it into WIF. My 2 questions are, what does the process to convert it involve? (Ie. Am I expected to use the BIP38 password when converting or is that a sign it's a scam?) And secondly are there any safe offline software I can use or shall I try and use Linux commands?

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Cashless society

A cashless society seems inevitable when we look 50 - 100 years in the future. What role will bitcoin play? People estimate bitcoin reaching its cap in 2140 so that will play a role in its value assuming it continues to be the market leader but let's ignore that for a second and imagine why people would use bitcoin. If it does remain the most used cryptocurrency and we transition to a cashless currency I can see it taking the place of cash as we use it today for the following reasons: It's not linked to the banks and you…

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I have BTC mined in Bitcore 0.9, with balance however the system no longer synchronizes, and in the blockchain is no balance

I will mine some BTCs in the bitcore 0.9 version from August to December 2019, they are listed in my history as "generated" and with several confirmations with one, the balance appears in my system, however when I put the key or the hast on the blockchain there is no balance. Another problem is that my system is stuck, it doesn't synchronize anymore, I've tried using a 0.20 and 0.18 bitcore, I copied the wallet to the new systems but then the transactions appear without validation, even synchronizing the system. Does anyone know what I should do?

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Watch only Wallet help

i need help. I'm totally New with bitcoin. Last time i would buy something and when i pay i've got an sms-code for bitcoins with that i've to make the pay. I send this to a watch only Wallet. But that was wrong. What i can do to send it to the right wallet. I've no pc, only my Handy with the blockchain and bitcoin wallet APP.

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