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Man From India Buys $27,000 Worth Of Ecstasy With Bitcoin

A man from India has allegedly purchased $27,000 worth of ecstasy with Bitcoin and is now held in custody in the Narcotics Control Bureau after he purchased it on the dark web so let’s find out more in the latest Bitcoin news. The 24-year old man from India is being held in custody after allegedly purchasing ecstasy pills with BTC on the dark web. The drugs came from Germany before they were picked up by authorities in India. It took the Narcotics Control Bureau 19 days to identify the man as the recipient of the drugs. Rahman, 24, was arrested…

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Bitcoin is the Future of Sports

What does this mean? You may be wondering what Bitcoin has to do with sports. It is crazy to think that you can now buy sports merchandise and even tickets using Bitcoin. Could this mean future btc atm locations inside sports stadiums? This could completely change the way that we interact with cryptocurrency and sports. Where is this happening? Last year, there was a big rumor going around that the Dallas Mavericks were going to add Bitcoin as a form of payment for tickets and gear. Fans are now able to use Bitcoin to make purchases! The Dallas Mavericks are…

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Bitcoin Expansion: An Increase in ATMs

What is a Bitcoin ATM? Bitcoin ATMs (or BTMs) are continuing to grow and expand all over the United States. This allows for convenient locations in small and major cities all over. Our BTMs make bitcoin transactions fast and easy. All you need is a phone number and ID (No extra documents). Our machines allow you to pay with cash and you are able to send to any bitcoin wallet. If you want to learn more about what a Bitcoin ATM is we have tutorials on our Youtube channel! Where can you find a Bitcoin ATM? One of the best parts…

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