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Hot Wallets Vs. Cold Wallets – What’s the Difference?

Newcomers to the digital currency space frequently have questions surrounding hot wallets and cold wallets. Specifically, how do these different cryptocurrency wallets work, what type of investment is best suited for what type of wallet, and how are these digital currencies kept secure? Let’s take a closer look.     Hot Wallets The primary difference between a hot wallet and a cold wallet is that a hot wallet is kept online and connected to the internet, while a cold wallet is not. Hot wallet storage is quick, convenient, and conducive to cryptocurrency transactions, but it also has disadvantages. Because hot…

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What Type of Crypto IRA Should You Have, IRA, Roth IRA, or 401k?

How much will one Bitcoin be by the time you retire? And if your Bitcoin is in a regular investment account, how much will you owe in capital gains tax? When it comes to tax-advantaged ways to save for retirement, everyone knows about IRAs. But did you know crypto IRAs can be an incredible way to protect your investments from crypto taxes while allowing you to potentially take advantage of the price appreciation of Bitcoin and Ethereum? Let’s look at a few of the options when it comes to investing in Bitcoin IRAs, and how you can turn any IRA…

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Is 2021 The Year To Invest In A Bitcoin IRA?

Bitcoin broke a new record last year, and that success is continuing into 2021. The popular cryptocurrency breached $50k with no signs of stopping. This prominence is causing many to consider investing in the world’s first cryptocurrency. So, with a massive price spike behind it, is 2021 the year to invest in Bitcoin?   Institutional Interest at an All-Time High It’s worth noting that Bitcoin is still a young asset. That lack of market exposure is why many  Bitcoin price predictions claim it’ll exceed $100,000 this year. Their logic? New institutions are now buying up Bitcoin in larger volumes and…

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Introducing IRA Earn, Up To 6% APY On Cash & Crypto Through Genesis

We’re introducing IRA Earn, the exclusive interest-earning program offered through Genesis is officially live today, providing interest rates as high as 6% annually on cash and crypto holdings using the company’s self-directed retirement platform. Our interest-earning program has similar interest features like that of traditional banks. A client can open an account and deposits funds into a self-directed retirement account, enroll in the interest-earning program and then their funds begin earning a rate of return over time. But unlike traditional banks where the average national savings rate is only 0.05%, the IRA Earn program offers rates nearly 100x better, reaching…

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Bitcoin IRA Recently Offered a New Gold and Crypto Seminar

August 6 saw Los Angeles-based Bitcoin IRA offering a seminar that showed viewers how they could uncover the price patterns of both bitcoin and gold. Bitcoin IRA Brings Gold and BTC Together This is likely the stuff of intrigue for many crypto advocates throughout the world right about now considering both bitcoin and gold appear to be shifting into bullish territory at the same time. One could almost make the argument that the two are more correlated now than bitcoin and the stock market. Bitcoin has shot up by more than $2,000 in the last few weeks. At the time…

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Great News – Lower Rates In 2020

Industry-leading insurance coverage, world-class custody, and the best team of IRA specialists in the world all come at a cost. But what if we told you we’ve lowered that cost for you? We are proud to announce that we have lowered our fees by 25%. From our co-founder & COO, Chris Kline: “With our new and reduced rates, not only do we offer the best-in-class security technology & customer experience, we now also offer them at a better price point for clients. As cryptocurrencies are continuing to out-perform traditional markets there has never been a better time for self-directed investors…

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Bitcoin’s S.O.S.

This week, Bitcoin signaled a “return to a bull market,” with the use of a century-old prediction method, known as the Wyckoff Method. An ex-Goldman Sachs analyst applied the Wyckoff model to Bitcoin’s recent activity and new year resurgence and saw a clear “sign of strength,” or, “S.O.S.” Below, you can see that Bitcoin’s actual market trend almost exactly aligns with the above Wyckoff analysis. Both signaling strong growth very soon, just after the recent sign of strength. With more events to come this year (including Bitcoin’s next halving), things are looking very good. Consider buying before the price potentially…

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