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Introducing IRA Earn, Up To 6% APY On Cash & Crypto Through Genesis

We’re introducing IRA Earn, the exclusive interest-earning program offered through Genesis is officially live today, providing interest rates as high as 6% annually on cash and crypto holdings using the company’s self-directed retirement platform. Our interest-earning program has similar interest features like that of traditional banks. A client can open an account and deposits funds into a self-directed retirement account, enroll in the interest-earning program and then their funds begin earning a rate of return over time. But unlike traditional banks where the average national savings rate is only 0.05%, the IRA Earn program offers rates nearly 100x better, reaching…

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Poll Results: “What’s Your Investment Profile?”

Investment profiles evolve, and in times like these, so we asked our valued account holders how their investment strategy might be changing during this unique and unprecedented moment in the markets. Below are the results from our poll: 1) Do you think now is a good time to buy stocks, crypto, or any other investments? 80% said “Yes” 12% said “Unsure” 6% said “No” 2) Which assets do you believe are the most effective hedge against the declining stock market? 67% said “Cryptocurrency” 51% said “Gold” 33% said “Cash (USD)” 33% said “Real Estate” 5% said “Fine Art” 3) With…

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