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Unuseful backup

I know wallet.dat needs to do back up every time after I am going a transaction, 'because the backup will become unuseful. After what else cases do I need to do backup again? What cases do my last backup wallet.dat unuseful?

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Aleph introduces DApp to ‘back up’ NFT art pieces

NFT "rug pulls" can be a serious risk when the file is stored on a centralized platform., a decentralized file-sharing platform, has launched a dApp that lets users automatically back up the data underlying their nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, on a censorship-resistant and decentralized network. The concept of NFTs has generated considerable buzz in the last weeks due to their application for buying and selling digital art. The immutable token stands in as the unique and non-counterfeitable representation of a specific piece of art, even if the specific art piece is fully digital and could be copied by anyone.…

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bitcoin-qt “backup wallet” vs copying wallet.dat

I am new to bitcoin, I wander what are the differences, and pros/cons (if any) between the file generated by bitcoin-qt when clicking on "backup wallet" vs copying the file "wallet.dat"? I see these files are indeed different with "cmp" so I am assuming that there are differences between these files. Can one of these files recover all of the information in the other?

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What’s the easiest way to create a backup node?

My node recently had a data corruption and I had to re-sync it which was painful. Presuming I don't use the node as a wallet, what's the easiest way to have a backup with the fully sync'd blockchain? Is it as simple as copying over the files from one external hard-drive over to the other?

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Decoding raw transaction

I have several raw transaction hashes that when I go to decode on blockchain it says; Trying to access beyond buffer length What does this mean? I got these hashes from an encoded UTC file i sent to myself several years ago. I had a gui miner on my laptop... And Bitcoin core

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