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Empty Block Replaces 2426 Bitcoin [BTC]Transactions, No Double Spends Reported So Far

Reportedly, Antpool mined the stale block which had 2426 transactions which found its’ way into block height 644,543 but was replaced by another block. This new block was selected as the part of a longer chain, which has only the Coinbase transaction; the miner of the block is unknown. The Bitcoin [BTC] blockchain witnesses a rare event with what is called a ‘stale block.’ A stale block represents a valid block which has its’ transactions reversed because it fails to become a part of the main chain against another competing chain. The transactions from the stale block were moved to…

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The story behind the ASIC evolution

When Bitcoin mining first started in 2009, it was considered a niche hobby for cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Since then, it’s grown into a billion-dollar industry – with Bitmain leading this growth since 2013. Bitmain’s entrance into the mining market in 2013 saw the emergence of the ‘ASIC era’, as the company sought to bring ASICs to the masses. Specifically designed to mine cryptocurrencies, the demand for ASICs has since continued to grow alongside the advancement of the bitcoin mining industry. BTC mining: from hobby to global industry Back in 2009, the only hardware needed to mine Bitcoin was a simple home…

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