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Understanding Algorithmic Trading in Crypto

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, the demand for fast and frictionless trading experiences that involve no middlemen is on the rise. And even though the crypto market is gaining significant ground among investor circles, knowledge of crypto markets and trading methods is still in the stages of infancy. Changes in the crypto market happen at impressive speeds, and in order to trade efficiently, investors need to be attuned to them. Executing real-time crypto trading involves aggregating high volumes of data at lightning speed. This is where the importance of automation and algorithmic trading as an extension becomes a…

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How bot trading influences the crypto market, explained

Trading bots have become a major factor in the world of cryptocurrency, but are they potentially doing more harm than good? How to get involved? If using bots to automate your trades sounds like something you would be interested in exploring further, there are many resources available. You could certainly begin by digging into different trading strategies and see what bots are available that cater to them. If you really want to get your hands dirty you can of course even build your own, however this is mostly for users with a high degree of both programming knowledge as well…

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