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What Is Dogecoin (DOGE) Cryptocurrency

Dogecoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer open-source cryptocurrency based on the Litecoin framework. It is considered to be a user-friendly, less political and more of a buddy-buddy altcoin. DOGE comes in handy when internet users want to tip each other, buy some smaller items on the web or donate.  Let’s dive into the fascinating Dogecoin back story and figure out how this eccentric cryptocurrency came to exist, what are its strong suits and downsides, and why people keep using it more and more these days. We’ll also talk about mining, storing, and trading DOGE, and explore the vast Dogecoin community and…

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BitTorrent (BTT) Cryptocurrency Review

BitTorrent (BTT) is a cryptocurrency that operates on the Tron Foundation blockchain. It is connected to a renowned file-sharing service BitTorrent. BTT is among the 50 most popular cryptocurrencies, according to CoinMarketCap. It was created with an eye to tokenize BitTorrent, the largest decentralized file-sharing protocol in the world.  In this article, we will talk about BitTorrent’s and BTT’s history, basic technical terms on the topic, explore the ways to buy and store BTT, discuss it’s value and scope of application, and try to reflect on the cryptocurrency’s prospects and future.  BitTorrent (BTT) History To understand what BTT cryptocurrency is…

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Aave (LEND) Cryptocurrency Review

Since blockchain technology offers new challenges and opportunities, the Aave project’s team brings its spin on the lending and how to employ it in the crypto world. Changelly will help you to explore the world of Aave project, its cryptocurrency called LEND, and the system it supports.  Aave (LEND) Basics Aave was first launched in 2017 under the name of ETHLend, which was also a lending platform. The rebranding happened in late 2018 because the team decided to widen the list of features. One of the essential services is Aave Protocol. It was launched in March 2020 and signified the…

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