First Smart Contract Runs Successfully on Alonzo, Cardano’s Public Testnet

First Smart Contract Runs Successfully on Alonzo, Cardano’s Public Testnet

The first smart contract on Alonzo, Cardano’s public testnet, has been pulled off. According to Cardano’s creator, Charles Hoskinson, smart contracts on Alonzo will be fully completed by September. Attempts at launching the first testing network have begun since this month. The first testing network has been rolled out in the same month. The purpose of the testnets was directed at launching Plutus smart contracts upon which a variety of DApps (Decentralized applications) can run. 

Cardano had said the plan for smart contracts would span 4 months, from June to September, by which they will be launched fully. Smart contracts had begun on the Ethereum blockchain. The company had begun with Alonzo Blue, with other forms of the testing network following it; Alonzo White, Alonzo Purple, Alonzo Red, Alonzo Black and then finally the Alonzo Mainnet. This rollout plan was issued at the company’s 360 event. The company had said the first testing network(Alonzo Blue) will be available to pool operators, the Plutus program team including a handful of other partners. 

Alonzo Testing Network to be Released in Stages 

Alonzo White would accommodate a lot more partners and Cardano will be run to assess the performance of the testing network at this point. The testing network will become public at the Alonzo Purple stage and all pioneers of the Plutus programs and stake pool operators will be partaking in the testnet. All of these stages will allow the hard fork to be completely launched on the mainnet. CEO Charles Hoskinson acknowledged that the expectations from the community were high and urged them not to raise it higher as the launch could take longer than expected.

At the start of the smart contract plan, the CEO had said that he wanted community members to have the support they needed whenever they needed to launch projects. He further said he wanted to make the experience on Decentralized applications better and improve security, safety and user interface on DApps. With this successful smart contract launch on the testnet, he is glad that they are making progress. 

Use Cases for the Alonzo Testnet

The testing network is still at the Alonzo Blue stage which is focused on improving on the command line interface for HTML-styled (Hypertext MarkUp Language) smart contracts. The testing network will move onto the next stage, which is Alonzo White, after partners to which this current stage is open are able to create basic scripts. Head of delivery and projects, IOHK (Input Output Hong Kong) said they have to be certain that the following can be carried out on-chain- submission, validation and lastly execution– before moving on to the next phase.

At the Alonzo White phase, all components of the Plutus program will be added. While the project is ongoing, Cardano’s partners are looking to use the testing network for use cases such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs), liquidity mining, staking pools, swapping and Decentralized exchanges.

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