How APIS Technology is Building an Enhanced User-end and Developer Experience

How APIS Technology is Building an Enhanced User-end and Developer Experience

The overall experience participants derive from a product is fundamental to the adoption and ultimate success of the product. In fact, user experience (UX) which includes a person’s perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency, as well as developer experience (DX) can impact positively or negatively on a product. More so, aspects of user experience such as information architecture and user interface can improve or diminish user experience.

Basically, an amazing Application Programming lnterface (API) experience begins from the recognition that developers are also users. And as such, it’s important to build an effective API design that encompasses every aspect of the interaction between programmers and the platform they are developing for such as trust, functionality and usability so as to enhance both developers and end-users experience.

Furthermore, the total value locked in DeFi contracts is currently at $53.17B, as of the time of writing. Statistically, this shows that the DeFi applications and protocols are growing at a tremendous rate. However, the rapidly evolving DeFi infrastructure has also presented DApp developers with overwhelming challenges as current read-write solutions are either centrally architected or decentralized.

More so, the inherent complexity of blockchain protocols has hindered the majority of developers from effectively serving their end-users as they require a comprehensive knowledge of the public blockchain protocol to build products that serve every category of blockchain applications. Well, thanks to The APIS Protocol, it has provided a solution to serve developers and their users through a trustless and decentralized infrastructure. The developer-friendly platform provides a decentralized and reliable toolset that allows developers of any level to seamlessly leverage the building blocks of this blockchain technology to provide the best user experience on the web.

A scalable, decentralized solution for public blockchain

The APIS offers a protocol that serves as an innovative solution for indexing and read/write operations for public blockchains such as (Ethereum and Filecoin), which includes gas optimization indices to enable developers and users to write to the blockchain seamlessly, thereby creating a fully decentralized architecture for the decentralized web, its builders, and users. Since the protocol is based on common API formatting structures like RESTful and GraphQL endpoints, developers can query datasets generated by public blockchains.

The APIS achieves its decentralized query and index architecture through the utilization of a publish-subscribe message propagation protocol — this helps to maintain communication between Gateways and Nodes. The APIS Gateways respond to queries requested by DApps and their developers while APIS Nodes index and manage databases relating to one or a group of smart contracts.

Furthermore, the APIS provides a uniform API endpoint for common tasks, making the development experience for different blockchains easy and consistent. Moreover, the blockchain technology manages communications between DApps and blockchains via a few Application Programming interface (API) calls while also rendering chain-agnostic implementations with cost-free chain-switching.

In a bid to provide a great user-end and developer experience, the APIS unified interface enables developers to integrate features with guaranteed 100% uptime, fast performance, censorship resistance, and near-zero platform risk. Likewise, it enables easier developer on-boarding, this way web2 developers can effortlessly run Decentralized Apps (DApp) on various layer-one or layer-two solutions. Meanwhile, here are some of the dazzling features of the APIS technology that facilitates more functionality, usability, and higher performance.

  • Instant infrastructure

The APIS suite empowers both web 2.0 developers and users by offering instant access to existing blockchain infrastructure using APIS-core with extremely low throughput.

  • Multi-Blockchain Support

The blockchain technology allows participants to enjoy a single interface for all blockchains with the APIS Unified Interface.

  • Lightning Fast Queries

The APIS enables users to obtain results over 10x times faster with higher available APIS nodes cache and index blockchain data.

  • Extensible Architecture

The APIS infrastructure allows developers to leverage pre-built modules and contribute to the APIS developer ecosystem.

With over 30 Projects building and succeeding, The APIS is set to reduce the inherent complexity of developing in the public blockchain sector and completely eliminate the entry barrier to the creation of products by offering simple yet powerful interfaces that promote new projects and tools in the web3 community. Now, developers can worry less and focus more on building experiences that their users love.