How to make transaction with many inputs and one output in BitcoinJ?

I’m trying to send all coins from my accounts (generated by HD Wallet) to one account with this code:

fun sendAllFundsOnAddress(address: String) {
        val receiver = Address.fromString(params, address)
        val tx = Transaction(params)

        val balance = Coin.valueOf(walletAppKit.wallet() { it.value.value }.sum())
        tx.addOutput(balance, receiver)

        walletAppKit.wallet().unspents.forEach {
            val key = walletAppKit.wallet().findKeyFromAddress(Address.fromString(params, it.scriptPubKey.getToAddress(params).toString()))
            tx.addSignedInput(it.outPointFor, it.scriptPubKey, key, Transaction.SigHash.ALL, true)

        val sendRequest = SendRequest.forTx(tx)

But I get NullPointerException, while it calculates witness (in input signing process).

Could you give any ideas, what’s wrong?