Chipotle to Celebrate National Burrito Day By Giving Bitcoin Prizes

Chipotle to Celebrate National Burrito Day By Giving Bitcoin Prizes

Popular Mexican grill, Chipotle, has announced its intent to celebrate this year’s National Burrito Day through an interactive game with its customers. The food brand has decided to organize a giveaway in the form of the most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, and free burritos to its customers. It must be noted that the first Thursday in April is being set aside to celebrate the popular Mexican flexible dish every year, and 2021 will not be an exception.

Free Bitcoin vs Free Burrito

Chipotle has revealed burritos and Bitcoin as the items that can be won as gifts in celebration of this year’s National Burrito Day. The prominent Mexican food chain has brought to the entire public’s notice that this year’s celebrations will take a new dimension to add glamour to the occasion.

To the surprise of all, Chipotle has decided to give back to its fans in grand style. It has said that it is the first America-based grill to offer a ‘blank cheque’ to its customers. The ‘blank cheque’, however, is to be filled by as many customers as possible but will be honoured, depending on each customer’s luck.

The interactive game, according to Chipotle, is a ‘hunt’ for a lost Bitcoin wallet code belonging to Stefan Thomas, CEO of Coil. The code is the only barrier between Stefan and 7,002 Bitcoins which estimates to over $400 million. Stefan had received the amount of Bitcoins earlier mentioned in 2011, a time when Bitcoin was of lesser value. The thought of the lesser valued asset made him handle the wallet carelessly, and that led to the loss of the six-digit code.

The Rescue Mission

However, genius minds have been invited, as long as they are 18 years and above, to come to crack open the ‘hard-shelled egg’. Participants will be given ten trials each, after which it is hoped that Stefan will smile in appreciation. Nevertheless, losers might not go empty-handed as it has been announced that they are likely to be consoled with surprise gifts courtesy of Chipotle.  

For the prize giving, 10,000 participants are entitled to one free burrito, 50 are entitled to $500 worth of Bitcoin and three genius-minded participants that complete the ‘rescue mission’ will take home $25,000 worth of Bitcoin. 

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