South Korea To Issue Blockchain-based Vaccine Passport

South Korea To Issue Blockchain-based Vaccine Passport

The Asian country announces plans to officially introduce vaccine passports, which would be issued through an app’s assistance. The country’s prime minister shared these plans on Thursday, which shows that the country is interested in expanding its use of blockchain. Despite the country’s controversial stance on cryptocurrency, a product of blockchain tech, it’s great to see that the government is putting the technology to good use.

South Korea would commence this plan alongside partnerships with other countries by giving travelers certificates to reduce the spread of the COVID-19. There have been responses from various countries concerning how they could mitigate infection risk by introducing new practices.

South Koreas to introduce vaccine passes

South Korea’s prime minister, Chung Sye-Kyung, explained that citizens within the country would likely enjoy similar benefits even though they are not traveling across the borders. The prime minister shared new information through a daily pandemic meeting, where he explained that people who have been vaccinated could return to their daily lives.

The minister calls the certificate ‘green pass,’ which shows that the holder has been vaccinated. Blockchain tech’s usage is becoming increasingly popular as the nation recently created an app, which would prevent identity theft. He added that the app would not store personal data but would confirm the person’s vaccination status.

The nation had vaccinated around 77,000 people and add over 5000 people to the equation yesterday. Asides from South Korea, other countries have been actively vaccinating to reduce disease spread amongst travelers and citizens. Presently, the country is looking into increasing its capacity and hopes to vaccinate around 12 million people by June’s end.

Another country with similar stakes is Brazil, which is also using the tech to trace vaccination. New York City is also actualizing the vaccination pass to prevent virus spread. According to the state’s government, those who have been vaccinated can scan and validate their passes to ensure they meet with the needed vaccination.

Controversies surround vaccine passes

The world’s most powerful nations have held this stance concerning vaccination and passes as China has taken a similar protocol. The European Union hopes to achieve this feat soon as it explained that plans are in place to ensure the affairs’ smooth running.

While vaccination passports might be a good idea in the general view, some argue against the nations’ moves to introduce the passes. Some people have fired against the idea and found it inappropriate.

Interestingly, Florida’s Republican governor, Ron DeSantis, is against the mandated vaccine pass, which the nation plans to prioritize. These government plans have increased the blockchain-related cyber crimes within the space as there are many ads convincing people to get fake passes.

Many cyber criminals plan to use Bitcoin as their payment form, which causes more issues concerning the decentralized platform. Many governments have been calling for the regulation of the digital asset space, which would likely affect the previous running of those businesses.

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