How is it possible that no amount of “breaking” Bitcoin news affects the price positively anymore? [duplicate]

Every single day, there’s a flood of “breaking” Bitcoin news. This or that major corporation is investing, this or that anti-Bitcoiner is now suddenly fully on board, the price is predicted to hit a trillion dollars per Bitcoin next week, etc…

And then the price just stands still, or even goes down. Since it reached $61k USD, it’s been sniffing at $50k and then back up to $58k, and now it just sits there again. What is its problem? Why doesn’t it at the very least go back to $61k again?

Even conservative predictions had Bitcoin’s price at well over $75k by now, but nothing happens. It’s maddening to keep reading all these posts about how great things are going, then look at the price and wonder what they are talking about.

What is Bitcoin’s problem? Even with “manipulation”, how is it logically possible that the price stays on this pathetic level?