Altcoin address starting letter

I’m trying to build a coin using bitcoin fork

From src/chainparams.cpp

        base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,0);
        base58Prefixes[SCRIPT_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,5);
        base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY] =     std::vector<unsigned char>(1,128);

According to

If I want to choose letter J
I have to put it like this:

        base58Prefixes[PUBKEY_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,43);
        base58Prefixes[SCRIPT_ADDRESS] = std::vector<unsigned char>(1,43);
        base58Prefixes[SECRET_KEY] =     std::vector<unsigned char>(1,128);

However, when I chose 43, I noticed that when I send coins, they are not received, and when I send coins to myself on the same wallet they go somewhere else even the receiving address is mine?

Any idea how to solve this please?