Sentinel Launches Decentralized VPN Protocol On Cosmos Mainnet

Sentinel launches decentralized VPN protocol on the Cosmos mainnet so now app developers can utilize the network to access the platform’s bandwidth marketplace for dVPN applications as we can see more in our latest altcoin news today.

The Sentinel Network which is a decentralized p2p bandwidth marketplace that supports the Sentinel dVPN application is live on the Cosmos mainnet. Dan Edlebeck who is the co-founder of Exidio noted:

 “Sentinel is the first project that focuses on offering privacy at the network level to any blockchain or dApp. Once integrated, these blockchains or applications will be able to provide their users with both privacy and censorship resistance. Simply, the purpose of the Sentinel ecosystem is to empower universal access to the internet in a trusted and provable manner.”

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Sentinel launches decentralized VPN protocol and will make anyone able to sell their bandwidth on its marketplace by utilizing the Sentinel Protocol that is built with Cosmos SDK to build applications public and private which use the network’s bandwidth marketplace for dVPN applications. The users will be able to sell their bandwidth to power the Sentinel Network while getting rewards in $SENT. the testnet was originally built on Ethereum and a new token swap will be launched to convert the holders’ ERC tokens to Sentinel’s native Cosmos-based $DVPN that will be used to secure the network and pay node players and rent bandwidth.


A VPN network lets its users create a secure connection to another network and it is used to access restricted websites and content which protects browsing activity from public WiFi to provide a degree of anonymity by hiding location. The applications hide the User’s IP address and they create an encrypted tunnel for your internet traffic that protects you from governments. Some governments block websites based on geofencing which means they can block it for other people that live in different geographic regions and also VPNs help evade it by allowing people to connect to servers in places outside of the geo-fenced place.

The initial focus of the Sentinel ecosystem is to provide a new framework for the construction of the dVPNs according to Peter Mancuso who is the COO of Exidio:

 “Whether the purpose is to access restricted content or to increase the security of their transmission of data over the internet, individuals all over the world are demanding these types of security measures.”