Recovering an old Multibit wallet file (76 characters long)

I have a wallet file from 2011 back when I used to play around with Bitcoin.

I used an old version of Multibit which has since long been unavailable.

My wallet looks like this:

# Anyone who can read this file can spend your bitcoin.
# Format:
#   <Base58 encoded private key>[<whitespace>[<key createdAt>]]
#   The Base58 encoded private keys are the same format as
#   produced by the Satoshi client/ sipa dumpprivkey utility.
#   Key createdAt is in UTC format as specified by ISO 8601
#   e.g: 2011-12-31T16:42:00Z . The century, 'T' and 'Z' are mandatory
# End of private keys

I managed to get a version of Multibit HD from the web archive but this doesn’t support this wallet.

I also tried using OpenSSL with the following command:

openssl enc -d -p -aes-256-cbc -md md5 -a -in C:keywallet.key.txt -out c:keywallet-decrypted.key.txt

This output a file which wasn’t correct and gave a bad decrypt error. I know the password for this file.

Does anyone know the correct method of decrypting this?

UPDATE: While I’m at it, I found a whole bunch more .key files. This one has a different format:

org.bitcoin.productionm!œ;€ò=°´zXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXÌñ9,o( 2D

org.multibit.walletProtect.2 ZYour wallet description`