Huboi websocket data pull

Huboi websocket data pull

I’ve a problem with Huobi Websocket, I know my ways in REST API but new to asyncio and websockets and Huobi only gives resonable amount of history through websocket request so I’m stuck with it. I managed to figure this out:

from import MarketClient
from import CandlestickInterval
import pandas as pd
from pandas import DataFrame as df

def callback(candlestick_req: "CandlestickReq"):
    Candles =

Market_client = MarketClient()
Market_client.req_candlestick("btcusdt", CandlestickInterval.MIN60, callback, from_ts_second = 1611788400, end_ts_second = 1614812400)

History_dataframe_new["Date"] = [Candles[f].id for f in range(len(Candles))]
History_dataframe_new["Open"] = [Candles[f].open for f in range(len(Candles))]
History_dataframe_new["High"] = [Candles[f].high for f in range(len(Candles))]
History_dataframe_new["Low"] = [Candles[f].low for f in range(len(Candles))]
History_dataframe_new["Close"] = [Candles[f].close for f in range(len(Candles))]
History_dataframe_new["Volume"] = [Candles[f].vol for f in range(len(Candles))]

The problem is, how can I get this Candles argument out of the callback to use below? I’m not calling callback directly, only in the req_candlestick so return won’t work. And it’s a callback so I propably have to wait for the response somehow. And tips how to do that? Or if what I’m trying here is the correct way?