Maxis vs Multis

Maxis vs Multis

As a relatively new person in the crypto space, I’ve noticed a pretty clear demarcation between BTC maximalists and those who are perfectly fine investing in and accumulating alt coins.

I understand the baseline investment thesis of the two camps. What I don’t understand is why the BTC maxis believe that investing in anything other than btc is such a terrible idea, and that for all intents and purposes they’re all “shitcoins”…

This seems extremely dogmatic in my opinion, as many, many of the alt coins have extremely applicable/valuable utility that is already being adopted throughout society/institutions. I won’t argue there are definitely plenty of actual shitcoins, but not nearly enough to write off the entire space.

My suspicions are that these BTC maxis are just the ones who have been accumulating nothing else for years on end and feel threatened by the idea that another protocol could come along and displace it.

Appreciate any insight here, would love to hear all perspectives.

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