How to get _integer_ satoshi values from JSON RPC?

It seems that RPC calls for getting JSON information on a block return “value” fields in bitcoins, not in satoshis.
This means that there is a conversion from integer to float somewhere, which is disturbing since it may introduce rounding errors.

Is there a way to get the integer satoshi values directly in the JSON?

Otherwise, is it completely safe to just multiply the float value by 10^8 and take the integer part?

Is there a better way to directly obtain the integer satoshi value?


Let me give some context.

My concern is that, for instance, most systems have no float of value 0.1; they generally have a (tiny) difference.

On my machine, for instance:

python3.6 -c 'print("%.20f"%0.1)'

python3.6 -c 'print(0.1+0.1+0.1==.3)'

This is generally safe, but in my context this raises messy issues, so dealing with integers only is appealing.