CoinTiger Review – Is CoinTiger Scam or Legit?

CoinTiger Review – Is CoinTiger Scam or Legit?

CoinTiger Exchange Rating
Account Types9
Trading Speed9.2
Customer Service9.2

Read our CoinTiger review and learn why we recommend this exchange for online trading and why it is not a scam, learn all you need to know in this CoinTiger review before you sign up with the exchange.

CoinTiger Review

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The cryptocurrency market is filled with numerous exchange platforms. In this regard, a lot of investors and traders have vast options when it comes to selecting a decent exchange platform like the CoinTiger exchange.

Also, with regulations becoming rigid and stringent, many traders now prefer to choose an exchange platform that is well regulated and follows all the necessary protocols. For this reason, the CoinTiger exchange platform has come to be an excellent exchange option to a lot of investors. 

This is the CoinTiger exchange review. We’ll be talking about the features, services, benefits, and entire operation of the CoinTiger exchange platform.

For new investors looking to achieve financial success in the crypto market, the need to choose a decent exchange platform cannot be overlooked. This is because your chosen exchange platform basically determines how much financial success you have in the crypto market.

As a result, recklessly choosing an exchange platform without a basic understanding of its primary features is detrimental to your financial success on so many levels. What we have in the crypto market are mediocre exchanges that are not up to the task to offer decent trading services and also scam exchanges looking to rip of traders and investors.

Hence, to be able to recognize and separate mediocre and scam exchanges from decent ones, the need to look into the primary features of exchanges becomes vital and necessary. This will help to save investors from the dangers of registering with the wrong exchange platform such as loss of investment funds and sensitive data.

To this end, we are making a review of the CoinTiger exchange platform which is one of the top exchange options for many investors. We’ll be looking at the overall component, product, services, and benefits of the exchange platform.

Exchange Platform CoinTiger
Trading assets Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), bitCNY.
Trading platform Web-based platform and mobile app
Security Two-Factor Authentication, Secure Socket Layer, Fund Password.
Payment method Debit card, wire transfer, and cryptocurrency
Takers Fee 0.15%

The CoinTiger exchange platform is one of the top leading cryptocurrency exchanges that is based in Singapore. The exchange platform was established in December 2017 by a bright team that consists of top financial analysts and experts from South Korea, China, and Singapore. CoinTiger is currently headed by Frank Ling.

CoinTiger website

Upon its establishment, CoinTiger aims to provide a reliable, stable, and secure trading atmosphere and services to crypto investors and blockchain enthusiasts all over the world while also building a community of trusted crypto traders in the process. The exchange platform has gone on to achieve many of its goals and presently records an average daily volume between $40 to $60 million, which sees it rank 14th on the coinmarketcap list.

The exchange platform enables investors from across the globe to store, buy and sell various digital coins on its trading platform using supported crypto trading pairs. CoinTiger lists about 89 digital coins on its trading platform with approximately 159 trading pairs. Among the digital coins listed include Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), bitCNY, and so on.

Since the inception of the CoinTiger exchange platform, it has continued to evolve by constantly upgrading its system to meet evolving needs of investors and traders. The exchange platform in offering decent trading services now boasts of about 2 million clients worldwide. Its clients are spread across over 40 countries in major continents such as Europe, Africa, Asia, and North America.

The CoinTiger exchange platform offers a well-secured trading platform offering both a web-based platform and mobile all to its users. The trading platforms are designed to be customizable to about 5 languages which include English Simplified Chinese, Russia, Tiếng Việt, and Korean.

Now let’s have an up-close look into the primary products, services, benefits, and features of the CoinTiger exchange that makes it quite exceptional.

Products and Services offered by CoinTiger

  • Ecosystem Building using BitShares

The CoinTiger exchange platform has devoted its time and resources to the creation of the BitShares (BTS) ecosystem. The exchange platform also establishes the BitCNY market alongside BTS and also enrolled with the SPRING Funds to provide much better liquidity for both markets. As a result of this, CoinTiger has gone to become the number one crypto exchange with the biggest trading volume of BitCNY.

  • CoinTiger Fixed Income

The CoinTiget fixed income is an incredible service offered by CoinTiger to its clients which enables them to earn extra outside trading. This feature allows traders and investors to earn interest on deposited funds. Clients just need to transfer or deposit funds into the CoinTiger “Investment account”.

By depositing into the investment account, clients are paid specific interest rates on deposits. However, the funds deposited are locked in for a month, therefore clients are unable to have access to such funds in the first month.

Basically, the CoinTiger fixed income works like a fixed deposit. So clients can deposit for a specific time duration and make a profit on such deposits after the time duration has elapsed. This is different from the staking offered by other crypto exchanges as few of these Bitcoin exchanges offer a staking feature with no lockdown.

Presently, only BTC and USDT investments are available on the CoinTiger exchange platform offering an annual yield of 5% and 4% on USDT and BTC respectively. However, a minimum investment amount applies to both digital coins. A minimum deposit of 0.1 BTC and 100 USDT applies to Bitcoin and Tether respectively.

  • CoinTiger Labs

The CoinTiger Labs was established to serve various blockchain projects for the entirety of their lifecycle while also assisting these blockchain projects with proper preparation. The CoinTiger Labs also offers a full range of services to these blockchain projects and these services include strategic planning, consulting, token modern, compliance support, liquidity management, operation guidance, marketing, and financial advisory.

In summary, CoinTiger Labs assists blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs to explore new prospects of blockchain technology as well as deliver value to their prospective clients. Since its launch, CoinTiger Labs has been involved in well recognize projects like BCG, MockingBot, and TCT.

  • Ecosystem Fund

The CoinTiger exchange platform in April 2018, established its ecosystem fund to be used to finance token investment, and blockchain equity investment. The Ecosystem Fund has been used to finance several first-tier projects such as RootStock, Perlin, Carry, Beekman, token, Cocos-BCX, and CarBlock.

Presently, the ecosystem fund financed investment in early-phase investment banking, blockchain projects, incubation, and project consulting and has grown its network to more than 10 counties in Southeast Asia, Europe, and North America.


The CoinTiger exchange platform offers incredible liquidity. This implies that a lot of traders and investors use and trust the exchange plat enough to carry their daily trading transactions.

On the 30th of May 2019, CoinTiger recorded an incredible trading volume. The exchange platform recorded a monthly trading volume of $5.45 billion, a weekly trading volume of $638 million, and a daily trading volume of $214 million.

However, the trading volume skyrocketed on the 22nd of March, 2020 at the center of the COVID-19 pandemic having recorded a monthly trading volume of $16.1 billion. The exchange platform recorded a weekly trading volume of $1.85 billion and a daily trading volume of $165.8 million. This trading volume saw the CoinTiger exchange platform rank 65th position on the Coinmarketcap’s list of top crypto exchange platforms in terms of the daily trading volume.

Security Protocols

A big concern for both investors and cryptocurrency exchanges is the widespread hacks and cyber attacks that have become a menace within the crypto industry. These attacks have seen many investors lose their hard-earned investments and personal sensitive information.

As a result of this, crypto enthusiasts and traders are on high alert and more security conscious, jealousy of protecting their sensitive information needed to have access to their trading accounts.

For many exchange platforms, they have now established the latest and efficient security measures that can stave off these attacks assuring investors and traders the safety of their funds and sensitive data. The CoinTiger exchange platform is. Not left out in this regard.

CoinTiger gives topmost priority to the security of its client’s personal data, investment funds as well as the security of the exchange itself. As a result, the exchange has established efficient security measures and protocols to guarantee the security of funds and personal data.

To this end, the CoinTiger exchange platform is in partnership with several security companies such as John Wick Security Lab, Chaitin Tech, and to strengthen the security of the exchange platform.

Furthermore, the CoinTiger security system has Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, and Fund Password integration. This is also to ensure the overall safety of data, funds, and the exchange itself.

  • Fund Password

This security measure when activated protects the unauthorized withdrawal of funds from the CoinTiger trading account even when the client’s password and 2FA have been compromised. The fund password will be required before any withdrawal can be processed.

  • Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The 2FA is utilized in enhancing clients’ security without compromising their privacy. The Two-Factor Authentication is used to protect clients’ withdrawals, logins into the trading account as well as password reset.

Upon activating the 2FA, a 6-digit code is sent either via SMS or Google Authenticator (available for download on Play Store and Apple Store). For the SMS verification, the 2FA can not be set for withdrawals and it does not offer the anonymity many investors desire.

Trading Platform

The CoinTiger exchange platform provides a very simple and intuitive trading platform to investors and traders promoting an all-around incredible trading experience. CoinTiger offers both the mobile app and the web-based platform to its customers offering them the chance to choose one that best caters to their situation.

The user interface for the web-based platform is simple and straightforward offering easy and smooth navigation across the components of the trading platform. With this simple interface, the trading platform is ideal for newbie traders as they can easily locate vital aspects and sections of the trading platform

A simple look at the trading platform displays a trading view that consists of buy and sell-boxes, different price chats, order history, and order book among other components. The trading platform is also well integrated with the latest trading tools that can be used by investors for various market analyses.

The mobile app, it offers the same incredible trading features and services as its web-based platform. Asides from these services, the mobile app offers an additional advantage in that it allows on-the-go trading. This implies that traders can oversee and monitor their activities anywhere and at any time. The mobile trading app is supported by iOS and Android devices and is available for download on Play Store and Google Play.

Commissions and Fees

The trading activities performed by investors on various exchanges aren’t free. Traders are required to pay different fees and commissions on these trading activities as specified by such an exchange. Generally, these fees charged are how exchanges make their profit in the crypto market as well as finance their overall trading operations.

Hence, exchanges charging these commissions and fees is completely natural. However, what will always seem off is exchanges charging investors more than necessary on trading activities performed on such an exchange.

Concerning the CoinTiger exchange platform, it charges one of the very affordable fees on trades executed including withdrawals and deposits. In fact, the fees charged by the exchange platform offer it one of its greatest competitive advantages over many exchanges in the crypto market.

  • Trading Fee

The CoinTiger exchange platform charges different percentages for its makers and takers fee. The exchange platform charges a takers fee of 0.15% and a makers fee of 0.08%. The makers fee is considerably lower than the takers fee because a discount of 50% applies on trades executed by makers.

Both the takers and makers fee charged by CoinTiger is highly competitive especially when compared to the industry’s average which is between 0.20% and 0.25%

  • Withdrawal fees

You might be thinking the CoinTiger exchange platform makes up for the low trading fee by charging a high withdrawal fee but that’s not the case here.

The exchange platform also charges a low withdrawal fee of 0.0005 BTC on every Bitcoin withdrawn on the exchange platform. This is also lower than the industry’s average withdrawal fee which is roughly 0.0006 BTC on every Bitcoin withdrawal.

Withdrawal and Deposit

Immediately after signing up with an exchange platform, the next step involves depositing an initial investment capital before trading can begin. Devoid of this initial deposit, investors and traders cannot have access to the cryptocurrency market.

Also, since the primary idea behind investing is to make huge returns, investors concern themselves with withdrawals as they want to be certain that they can get their profits at any time. For this reason, traders and investors need to select an exchange platform that offers a straightforward and simple process of deposit and withdrawal.

For the CoinTiger exchange platform, the withdrawal and deposit methods are quite different from other exchanges. Primarily, the CoinTiger exchange platform is a crypto-to-crypto exchange platform which implies that fiat currencies can’t be used to purchase cryptocurrencies on the exchange platform. However, there are two exceptions to this.

Firstly, the exchange platform supports the deposit of Chinese Yuan, therefore clients who reside in China can always purchase various digital coins on the trading platform using Yuan. Although, to be able to this clients must complete their KYC verification.

Secondly, CoinTiger offers another strange method to its clients to buy various digital coins using fiat currencies. This method involves the use of the Telegram channel. Here an individual acts as the middle man who trades various digital coins for fiat currencies.  This method is completely legitimate and 100% supported by the CoinTiger exchange.

Customer Support

The customer support offered by an exchange is a pointer to how decent the exchange platform is. It’s not news to exchanges that trading is sometimes an overwhelming task and as such investors need to get the needed assistance they require during difficult situations. Therefore a crypto exchange platform that fails to offer decent customer support isn’t worth taking a shot at.

The CoinTiger exchange platform offers impressive customer support to its clients. The exchange platform a prompt, reliable, and adequate assistance via several support channels such as emails, phone calls, social channels, and a live chat feature available 24 hours every day.

The exchange platform offers its support in 5 different languages to eliminate all forms of language barrier facilitating smooth and quick assistance to its clients across the globe.

Final Thought

The CoinTiger exchange platform is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges based in Singapore. Having analyzed all the services and products it offers its clients across the globe, we can ascertain that the exchange platform is credible and offers one of the best trading services in the industry.

Among the incredible features and services,s it offers investors, the commissions and fees charged by the exchange platform give it a great competitive advantage over other exchanges. However, a minor drawback to the exchange platform is the lack of proper payment methods for fiat currencies.

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