Billion-Dollar Companies Start Building On VeChain And Here’s Why

Billion-Dollar Companies Start Building On VeChain And Here’s Why

Billion-dollar companies started building on VeChain as it was among the best performers on the market on every chart. VET posted an increase of over 2800% in one year and some of the reasons were the partnerships that it consolidated its price and its team to advertise further so let’s read more in our latest VeChain news.

The Strategic Advisor of Vechain Jackson Fu, tallied up all of the partnerships while trying to explain what was his motivation for these billion-dollar companies to join the platform. Geared towards corporate implementation, VeChain managed to bring new strategies and solutions which allow its partners to run the businesses at scale as Fu added:

“VeChainThor public blockchain is already looking like the number 1 choice for businesses building real world products. VeChain has consistently managed to solve mass adoption hurdles, such as preventing unstable transaction fees with its VET-VTHO two-token model and eliminating the threat of congestion with its scalable network that proactively adjusts itself in response to network usage.”

VET gains
VET with impressive gains over the past year. Source VETUSDT Tradingview

Fu believes that the Blockchain-as-a-Service platform that Vechain offers to its customers, allows them to deploy and build “highly customizable” solutions and in addition, it even deployed new protocols that reduced problems that other blockchains suffer with like fee delegation. This allows an entity to cover the gas fee costs for users and decreases the congestion on the network as Fu said:

“allowing dApp owners and businesses to pay the gas fees of their users and opening up dApps to the masses. VeChain excels at identifying and addressing business needs. This proficiency is reflected by the calibre of channel partners and companies they do business with.”

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Some of the partnerships that Vechain included was with FoodGates, DNV, and ASI, the partnership with Walmart China, and creating the C-Secure platform with Buyer to manage clinical trials among others as Fu added:

This list is by no means exhaustive, the above represent just a few of the varied scenarios in which the VeChainThor blockchain can be utilized. As demand for public blockchain picks up pace this year and beyond, VeChain’s proven technology and successful business applications will surely see it becoming the world’s first mass adopted public-blockchain.”

VET traded at $0.09 with gains of 113% recorded over the past month and on the weekly charts, we can see the altcoin registering 12.9% gains.