New DEX Named Forward Swap Enters Into the DeFi Space

New DEX Named Forward Swap Enters Into the DeFi Space

A new decentralized exchange platform known as Forward Swap has recently been launched by well-established transactions platform Biconomy.

Forward Swap will give users and traders the opportunity to utilize their stablecoins and use them to pay the gas fee. Although Forward Swap receives its liquidity from the famous decentralized protocol Uniswap, it paves an easier way for traders and new users who are new into the crypto space, giving them a much reliable service to work with.

With Forward Swap, users and traders are not required to own Ethereum to perform token swapping. Ethereum is currently not an easy asset to get a hold of, especially when we take new users into consideration who are still learning how the crypto space works. Owning Ethereum assets on top of paying a gas fee can be a huge burden on new users, so Forward Swap provides flexibility in this matter, facilitating users who are looking to save their important assets for other trade opportunities.

Forward Swap’s Critical Advantage

The payment of gas fees using stablecoins will not only help users save cryptocurrency but also give them a chance to move onto further, more profitable investment chances for their saved crypto. Spending precious cryptocurrency to help pay gas fees is a very painful process to deal with as it hinders bigger investment occasions. The bullish trend of Ethereum tells us that users who were required to pay a gas fee in Ethereum lost the value they could have gathered. For Example, in the past, if a user had spent precious Ethereum to pay a gas fee, that spent Ethereum has now doubled in value, meaning that the user lost all of the potential profit they could have accumulated if they wouldn’t have used Ethereum to pay for the fee.

Users who will adopt Forward Swap during its launch phase, also providing critical feedback and constructive criticism, will receive rewards for their contributions in light of improving the capabilities of the exchange. Biconomy focuses on the importance of user feedback, utilizing the opinions to provide much better types of offerings to attract more users and traders. Creating Forward Swap is a very smart move played by Biconomy. This revolutionary exchange platform will help many users in performing trading activities freely without worrying about the gas fee they would have to pay, as stablecoins are a much easier asset to get a hold of rather than traditional cryptocurrency.

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