Is there something I’m missing about Bitcoin? [closed]

I’ve known about Bitcoin for about ten years. I have bought them, earned some, kept them, lost them, tried to spread the word, tried to get an idea of how many people actually use it, tried to get new ones, and learned how to use Bitcoin Core’s RCP API.

But nothing seems to be happening. I pay the things I can pay with Bitcoin, but that’s not much. My bank has harassed me to the point where they don’t even allow me to see my account balance anymore, so I’m forced to keep my own bookkeeping of every transaction I make.

If I try to read up on news about Bitcoin and “the cryptocurrency world”, I only find fake/nonsensical “news articles” which say nothing. It’s always these airy, substance-less words and vague references to blockchains, decentralization, smart contracts, P2P, the “future of money”, “revolution happening right now”, etc.

But, since I’m not new to Bitcoin and consider myself an “advanced user” since I use a full node and can interface with its API, and I do use it as much as possible, how is it that I still feel like there’s nothing there?

It feels like I’m missing something fundamental. I gave up trying to make sense of Ethereum after failing to even find any kind of software to download on their official website. I’ve written off that as vaporware. But Bitcoin at least exists in some sense. I know that for a fact.

But what now? Is it going to continue like this forever? Why is nothing of actual substance happening? Why are there seemingly only fake websites and fake articles with meaningless contents? Where is the Bitcoin 2.0? Where is the actual “thing” that people use where I can actually communicate with other human beings (or robots) to perform some kind of Bitcoin transaction? Where is the global API where I can participate somehow with other Bitcoiners to earn more coins for myself?

I could be wrong, but Bitcoin still feels ultra-obscure and not supported anywhere. They don’t even let me use Bitcoin to pay for an e-mail address unless I first give them all my information and compromise myself with my “old bank” card.

What have I missed? Is there actually a whole new flourishing economy, a crypto-currency heaven, which I’ve simply not found? Or is it just 100% lies and BS?