CryptoKitties’ Dapper Labs Launches NBA Top Shot Public Beta on Flow Blockchain

Dapper Labs, creators of the popular CryptoKitties game and the Flow Blockchain has announced the beta release of its much-anticipated NBA Top Shot. Emerging out of the closed beta phase, the game can now be experienced by consumers from across the world.

According to Dapper Labs, NBA Top Shot has scored high even before it became available to the public. In the recent months, early adopters have purchased more than 43,000 Packs and 10,500 Moments from the marketplace and gifted 29,000 Moments, which is only going to increase as the platform is now available to the public.

Commenting on the public launch of the first blockchain-based collectibles on Flow blockchain, CEO of Dapper Labs Roham Gharegozlou said, “Collecting NBA Top Shots is a lot of fun – and thanks to the Flow blockchain, your collections are worth real money. Further adding, “the NBA Top Shot community is the best I’ve ever worked with people are always happy to help and there are already multiple developers building tools and apps to make the collector experience even better.”

Until now, NBA Top Shot closed beta has had 17,000 invite-only participants having an immersive experience discovering great plays, opening packs to collect rare Moments and dynamic plays of the season, display epic collections and trade with their peers to complete sets and win challenges. Unlike conventional in-game merchandise, the Flow blockchain-based digital collectibles are secured and signify true ownership, allowing the holders to buy, sell or trade them on NBA Top Shot marketplace just like any traditional crypto asset, except that each asset is unique.

Playing NBA Top Shot is simple, all it needs is for the fans to simply log into the website and instantly access a variety of packs that contain Top Shots of different scarcities and rarities. The game receives constant updates in the form of new Moments that are dripped every week to keep it interesting. Even during the closed beta, the introduced early packs and collectibles were sold out within minutes.

“I’m a big believer in the fact that technology can make people’s lives better, and blockchain is one of those kinds of technologies,” said Aaron Gordon, NBA player of Orlando Magic and NBA All-Star Dunk Competition fame. “NBA Top Shot, on a scalable blockchain like Flow, is the first-time fans can own a piece of the on-court action, and who wouldn’t want that?”

The underlying Flow Blockchain of NBA Top Shot is designed ground-up by Dapper Labs based on its experience with the highly successful CryptoKitties. The unique crypto network offers enhanced speed and throughput tailormade to meet the requirements of crypto games by separating the job of crypto-miner or validator into four different roles. It also means that anyone with a reliable internet connection can participate as a validator for Flow at a variety of computational and financial tiers.

Over 9,500 people have committed to participating in the Flow (by Dapper Labs) Community Sale on CoinList in less than two weeks – tracking for the largest number of token sale participants in CoinList history! Bidding is now open for the live auction that will be held on October 6th, at 2 pm CET. More info at

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