Crypto  Farmers  In  For  Bumper  Harvest  As  PLAAS  Launches  pFARM.   Be  Part Of  The  Ongoing  Seed Farming  Rounds.

Crypto Farmers In For Bumper Harvest As PLAAS Launches pFARM. Be Part Of The Ongoing Seed Farming Rounds.

Press Release: Tuesday, September 19th, 2020, 11:20 GMT | Source: PLAAS Farmers’ Chain

PLAAS Farmers’ Chain, a leading Agri-Tech Blockchain Company based in Africa, has announced the launch of a state of the art DeFi project (the first of its kind) known as pFARM. pFARM is a governance token for PLAAS Farmers system (PFS) which allows various pFARM stakeholders and PLAAS locked holders to vote on the proposals of PLAAS entire platform & its operational treasury. pFARM stakeholders receive shares in PLAAS (33.33%) & pFARM (23.34%) from the platform. It is worthy of note that PLAAS FARMERS system thrives on a blockchain that guarantees efficient and transparent, yet traceable production/harvesting/movement of farm products.

In a cryptocurrency AMA hosted by eWealthAtlantic for PLASS pFARM DeFi Token on the 26th of September 2020, PLASS newly appointed CEO – Mr. Emmanuel Adams stated that, “unlike other DeFi projects out there that concentrates on farming only digital assets without any physical backing, pFARM DeFi platform and PFS actually provide funds for real farming and real time yields/revenue from real farm produce in a transparent, immutable and decentralized way and will also allow farmers onboard their future contract tokens.” Emmanuel Adams & his team also affirmed that they have gone far in partnership talks with manufacturers of pFARM OEM RFID chips/sensors for tracking farm animals and keeping record of plants.

With regard to how PLAAS intends to solve the problem of food quality and chain supply, the newly appointed CEO, in answer to one of the questions raised during the AMA said that what actually attracted him to PLAAS project was the proliferation of food in his country – a situation where snakes are sold as dried fish in many rural markets and where many eat donkeys as cow meat.

The CEO said: ” PLAAS solves all of these problems. It helps provide an atmosphere where sincere players can survive without dirty competition as the validation system will evict every dirty player. PLAAS Farmers system uses RFID chips to keep track of every information or data about any animal on our coverage farm. The chip keeps record of birth, age, veterinary data as well as movement of the animals.”


He added: “OEM sensors will do almost same for crops, like keeping of data of fertilizer used, insecticide used, and movement of each crop – from seedling to planting to harvesting to storage centres, to processing to market. So, by scanning the QR code, you can easily tell where the sugarcane used in making your sugar was planted and how it was taken care of. All these goes a long way to solve the food insecurity issue.”

PLAAS has plans of listing pFARM on centralized exchanges like; HotBit, Mercatox, P2PB2B, FinexBox, IndoEx and also on decentralized exchanges like; EtherFlyer, BitCratic, AfroDex, etc. We do hope that if the African market pulls her weight behind our project, most of the major exchanges who have market in Africa will be forced to list pFARM for fear of loosing out. In the words of PLAAS founder/former CEO – Alakanani Itireleng: “Agriculture is a very big market not only in Africa but globally and it is one of the untapped and yet powerful markets.”

Seed Farming Rounds – “Plant PLAAS, Harvest pFARM”

PLAAS Farmers’ Chain is happy to announce to members of the public that her Seed Farming Rounds is now LIVE.


PLAAS information is already aggregated on CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko as well as on over 25 top aggregators in the space.

The most important question you’ll ask yourself is what you did to make the world better than you met it?
That’s why the new CEO has launched a campaign with hashtag called #StandForPlaasWithMe just post a video or a photo that tells the great farm story or exposes the unknown corrupt food practices best winner every week wins $1000 …. Terms & conditions apply… Visit our website for more information.

The time to connect your wallets is here with us, so you’ll avail yourselves of our User-Friendly APY monitoring decentralized voting consensus system for strategic development & auditing today. You can visit our websites for more information on the seed rounds and how to participate too.


Disclaimer: This post is a paid press release. Readers should do their due diligence before taking any actions related to the promoted company or its affiliates or services.

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