Why has Bitcoin Core stopped shutting down when Windows cleanly shuts down?

Every night, I do this to turn off my Windows 10 machine:

shutdown /s

Note that there is no “forcing flag” or anything (/f).

Up until recently, Bitcoin Core appeared to always get the signal and cleanly shut down, just like every other application.

However, recently, whether it was a new version of Bitcoin Core or an update to Windows 10, Bitcoin Core has stopped shutting down when it gets the signal. The reason I’m convinced of this is that, every day when I turn the machine back on, Bitcoin Core (and only that program) appears to have been uncleanly shut down/killed suddenly, as it keeps having to resync the last several days. (Perhaps just verifying the local data rather than actually downloading it.)

I even tried keeping the Bitcoin Core GUI window open while shutting down one day, and I noticed that it didn’t say the usual “Shutting down” text.

Whether this is Bitcoin Core’s fault, Windows 10’s fault, or a combination, the fact remains that this happens every single time now, and it’s very annoying and worrying.

Is this issue known? Is it being worked on? What could be causing it? Would MS really change something fundamental about how applications are signaled when shutting down the OS in a minor update? (Not unthinkable.)