Tezos Gets Integrated In China’s Blockchain-Based Service Network

Tezos gets integrated within the Chinese Blockchain Service Network thus becoming the last network to get integrated into this ambitious plan as we are reading more in our tezos news.

The developers can employ the Tezos protocol via the Blockchain Service Network global public city nodes and the portals for as simplified development and the deployment experience. All three of the global public city nodes namely California, Paris, and Hong Kong,  have integrated with the Tezos blockchain in the testnet and mainnet as well. The developers wanting to utilize the Tezos blockchain will have to set up an account on the BSN website and go over to the permissionless services section.

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As Tezos gets integrated, upon choosing the preferred public city node, all of the developers will have to create a new project and will have to choose the chain. After seeing the creation with the latest addition to the Tezos blockchain, the next step is to insert Project Key, Project ID, and Access Address from the project list.

The APIs provided by the Tezos blockchain can be accessed in similar ways and the original data format will have to be returned. China’s Blockchain Service Network released earlier this year after a few delays because of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic. It enables the developers to create applications, digital economies and even smart cities without the need for participating having to design a new network from scratch. Before Tezos, BSN integrated other popular blockchain companies, starting with Chainlink and NEO.

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The BSN is supported by the Chinese government and aims to provide the developers with the needed tools to create blockchain applications and acting as a blockchain hosting platform for smaller businesses and individuals. BSN already made a huge impact since the initial rollout with more than 6000 customers. Most of the users are governmental organizations, people based in China, businesses, and managers of supply chains. He revealed that Red Date has a goal to push out BSN on a global scale so that everyone can create a decentralized app without having to publish offerings on siloed platforms:

 “The Internet took off only after it became cheap for everyone to build websites. Our mission is to put everything blockchain-related onto BSN’s platform.”