First Litecoin Game LiteBringer Launched By German Software Company

The first Litecoin game LiteBringer launched by the German Software company CipSoft is the first true LTC game with “smart” gameplay that will earn the players LTC tokens as we are reading more in our Litecoin news.

The game under the name LiteBringer is the first Litecoin game that is launched by CipSoft and the firm stated that the title is a role-playing and fantasy-themed game that utilized the Litecoin blockchain for all interactions according to Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin.

CipSoft said that the title will be the first true litecoin game and the co-founder Ulrich Schlott claimed that the blockchain has an amazing potential to revolutionize gaming. Lee continued:

 “One of the pioneers of online gaming taking the next step and developing the first true Litecoin game is great to see.”

LiteBringer players will be charged with sending the “sorcerers and knights on increasingly difficult quests to gather loot.” With the resources, weapons, and characters stored on the Litecoin blockchain, each move in the game will be considered as a transaction on the network and will create value as the firm adder. However, rather than playing up the game’s fantasy elements, the company attempted to appeal to the gamers and traders stating:

 “At heart it is a complex trading simulation. Make smart investments and the game literally lives up to its name and brings you litecoins.”

The company added that it was making an “unapologetic use of the blockchain and the decentralized architecture” to give the players freedom and security that is unheard of online gaming.

As we reported in our Litecoin news, Market analytics indicated positive sentiment and according to Santiment’s recent data, Litecoin’s battle for remaining relevant is getting worse while displaying a 3-month high in terms of address activity divergence with the current price levels. Litecoin was known to lead Bitcoin in bullish rallies while now it is 131 percent above the main expected level. In spite of the positives, there’s no discussion that Litecoin is fighting for its life to stay afloat in the top cryptocurrency list and to stay relevant longer. The asset didn’t take advantage of the bullish rallies this year while BTC and ETH consolidated higher and clocked new all-time highs. LTC seems to have forgotten that price performance is the most important factor to attract investors or traders.

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Source: Santiment