How does one create an investor pitch deck for startups seeking financing?

How does one create an investor pitch deck for startups seeking financing?

How does one create an investor pitch deck for startups seeking financing?

Attracting good investors is very crucial for the smooth functioning of every startup. For that, they need to prepare a “pitch deck” so that they can presentably showcase their business idea to venture capital investors. A pitch deck is a slideshow in a PowerPoint presentation to make investors understand your product or service. It consists of 15–20 slides. Nowadays, you can create compelling and unique presentations easily with the help of platforms backed by blockchain development. To know more about it you can consult a reliable blockchain app development company.

Being a startup, you might know that getting a good investor is time-consuming and difficult. So, you need to impress them in that one particular chance by nailing the investor pitch deck. However, this article will provide you compelling and interesting business pitch deck solutions to engage investors as well as make them fully understand your business idea:

The important slides you need to have in your pitch deck:

Your company’s overview

Immediately after the cover page, you can provide a summary of your company in 4–6 bullet points. Cover points like what problem you are trying to solve, where do your business locate, or any established key traction.

Your mission and vision

This slide can be your elevator pitch. State precise, on-point mission, and vision statement of your company. Usually, such things are pre-determined but you can do the necessary modification if you feel that it can be stated in another way interestingly.

Your team

The investors’ interest relies mainly on your product and team. It is one of the most important determinants of whether they will invest or not. This slide should include pictures of the company’s key members, their position in the company, and a summary of their previous work experience showcasing relevant expertise and experience.

The problem you will solve

Next, you can define why your startup is needed or what problem you are trying to solve. Also, state how big is the problem, why it is important in the society, who is your target audience, and why would they show interest in your solution.

The solution you provide

After articulating the problem, you need to explain what is the solution and how you are providing it. You also need to propose why yours’ is better than the other existing ones in the market. Remember, you need to coordinate this slide with your product to explain your business strategy properly and without speaking the same thing again and again.

Your product

You can here talk about your product and services. Make sure that you have some factors such as how your product or service is unique from already existing or similar ones. Cover factors like the product’s key features, why people will buy it, product milestones, and important differentiated features. You can add images or videos to make them more interactive and understandable.

Market opportunities

Investors are looking for big opportunities. So, in this slide define your market and market size. Using graphs you can explain how your company will address a large part of the market.

Your customers

If you have already established some customer-based, showcasing it will add credibility. You can add the logo of the companies you worked with and the kind of work you have done for them.


The latest and relevant technology can build a bridge of trust between you and the investor. Using technology such as AI, ML, or blockchain for business can be beneficial in this fast-moving competitive market.

Your competitors

Every investor has doubts that your competitors can beat this product. So, it is important to study your competitors and plan everything a step ahead of them. State the differentiating features from your competitors and the competitive advantage of your company.

Marketing plan

Even a very good product can fail without channeling the proper market plan. So, you need to explain how you are planning to cover your market. This slide should include targeted marketing channels, your spending, employed PR, marketing strategy, or any early press or buzz you had.

The final ask

The final thing in any pitch deck solution is stating clearly what amount of money you are expecting from the investors and how you are going to use it. You also need to explain the company’s current financial situation. Here, you can also state your existing investors.


Presenting a great pitch deck can provide the necessary financing to your startup. So, pitch an interesting story to convince the investors and be ready to answer all their questions with confidence. It is also important to have a compelling slide deck. You can hire blockchain developers from Codezeros to add special effects to your presentation to make it look unique.