CME Bitcoin [BTC] Futures Sees Largest Drop in OI Since Launch: Report

CME Bitcoin [BTC] Futures Sees Largest Drop in OI Since Launch: Report

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The futures monthly contract on CME saw the strongest declines in its history post-expiration on Friday.

While the price of the monthly contract for August closed ($11,350) around the opening ($11,630) itself. The high and lows of the futures contract on CME were $12,625 and $11,115. Apparently, the massive short position closing towards the end indicates profit-booking from positions.

bitcoin futures oi
Bitcoin Futures (OI) on CME (Source

Nevertheless, despite the steep drop in OI, the current Open Interest over $600 million is considerable given its’ historic trend. At the time of the 2019 top around $14,000, the OI was only around $370 million.

According to the report by Market Science, leveraged funds account for the majority of trades on the platforms leading with a slight short composition. Moreover, non-reportable and other reportable positions fell slightly towards short inclination.

The net positioning of the market can be viewed in the chart below,

leveraged funds liquidity
Position of Funds on CME (Source

The futures contract is, nonetheless, is still in contango with prices of the successive increasing up to $375 for January 2022 contracts.

futures monthly correlation
Futures Market Monthly Quotations (Source)

On non-regulated exchanges, the OI is surging as well with close to $1 billion each on BitMEX and Okex. The funding rate for the XBT perpetual contracts on Bitmex is 0.03% which gives room for bullish pressure as well.

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