The World Stablecoin Summit – August 27, 2020; This is how The World Stablecoin Summit looked in Decentraland (VR)

The World Stablecoin Summit – August 27, 2020; This is how The World Stablecoin Summit looked in Decentraland (VR)

Thursday evening (EST) the World Stablecoin Association (WSA) hosted the first-ever World Stablecoin Summit, which could have been accessed via Zoom or through a VR platform Decentraland. Blockchain influencer Alex Saunders has shared his enthusiasm last night and called the Summit “a glimpse into the future”. 

0:59 Opening remarks from Adam Cai, CEO of VirgoX. The idea behind the organization to unite business leaders, entrepreneurs, community leaders and regulators. Stablecoin market cap in 2020 is $12.6B  + and daily trading volume is $30B+ (CryptoSlate), said Cai.

Cai said the new organizations key pillars are Community, Integrity and Education.  Cai also said they will work with “quality stablecoin projects” which are “legitimate”.   Steering Committee: Cai said he and Michael Gord are co-founders and Ameer Rosic is the partner.

9:09 The organization will provide member services, including Policy Analysis (alongside research institutions) to analyze the regulatory landscape of stablecoins around the world; Advocacy (representing enterprises, stablecoin projects and other industry leaders) to expedite the pro-stablecoin policy-making; Partnership (to facilitate member alliances globally) and Education (the WSA will publish materials online and arrange conferences).  

11:15 Among initial members – fiat-backed, crypto-backed, commodity-backed and branded stablecoins

13:42 Cai said, besides the Summit, which will be held quarterly, a membership committee will generate monthly research projects with members and will host weekly roundtables.  

Cai said the organization has offices in Switzerland (Geneva), Canada (Toronto) and USA (NYC).

16:12 Michale Gord.  Overview of stablecoins.  Analysis.  Case studies. Maker DAI – best on-chain collateral case study, per Gord. New Stablecoin Categories. State-backed Cryptocurrencies. Central Bank Digital Currencies.

37.00 Genia Mikhalchenko, QCAD 150 mln in BTC fund, a younger project – about 1.5 years old.

41:00 Stably Kory Hoang – startup from PA Washington, USA – real asset tokenization, early 2019 listed on Binance, etc. Recently launched a Canadian dollar stablecoin…  working with Washington State regulators.

43:00 Leonardo Real TetherChief Compliance Officer largest currency based stablecoin issuer, US denominated digital token, also launched gold-based digital token.  Tokens avail in 8 blockchains. Real said, Tether tries to be pretty objective where the industry is going, want for people to be creative, partner with them and help them growth. Tether works with primary market participants.. able to redeem on 1:1 basis, incentivized, transparent. Price discovery methodology. Tether works with Chainalysis.

47.45 Jean-Marc Seigneur, Director of the Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) on Blockchain, DLT and dApps Development at the University of Geneva  – working groups, university – stablecoin use cases, contact – based in Geneva..  Libra… working on

51.25 Kevin Ren – Consensus Lab – founding partner, managing 91 projects.. Mars Finance management… Main collaborator CoinTelegraph China.. Biggest investment alliance, 25 members of ……Combination of experts, helping to grow of crypto projects all over the world. 16 investment institutions, 6 exchanges, some members have stablecoins…. Also investing in some type of coins, CBDC – public trend in China… “Go to person in the China market”

Tim Welsh TrustToken 2017, launched USD backed stablecoin 2018… 5 backed now.. all of assets

Nick Prouten LODE – hyperledger.

1: 02: 47  Rajiv Naidoo – Head of research and community at DigitalBits. Branded stablecoins along with libra.. 2.7 billion user base… nobody can amass a community of this size… not stability and technology…

Higher Chainclub. 50k members!!

GMO Internet launching stablecoins..

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