Akon to Head Strategy for Brock Pierce’s Presidential Campaign

Akon to Head Strategy for Brock Pierce’s Presidential Campaign

One of the well-known crypto investors, Brock Pierce, announced his candidature for office as an independent contestant. Now, Pierce has also revealed that Akon, the award-winning rapper, who’s also known for his interest in cryptocurrencies, will be his leading strategist.

The two notably relate well as Brock Pierce continues to express the respect he has for Akon and his dedication towards music and investments.

Brock Pierce Decision to Vie for Presidency

In a massive turn of events, Brock Pierce announced his interest in vying for office. The elections will happen on November 3, 2020.

Asides from being one of the most prominent crypto entrepreneurs, he starred in a variety of TV shows like First Kid and The Mighty Ducks.

He also seeks to support growing businesses and work towards making American lives successful. Besides, other goals Brock Pierce seeks to meet include pushing for mental health projects, and protection of the environment.

Joint Contribution towards Cryptocurrencies

The pair share some familiar faces in the cryptocurrency world. Brock Pierce, for instance, has been a strong supporter of blockchain technology and virtual currency solutions. He is widely known for being a part of one of the leading cryptocurrencies and the ICO that raised a record-breaking $4 billion – EOS.

Furthermore, Pierce holds a chairperson’s seat in the Bitcoin Foundation, a nonprofit corporation in the USA. Akon, on the other hand, is planning on the construction of a futuristic city, Akon City, running on the AKoin cryptocurrency. There is due consideration that the project worth $6 billion goes on up to 2023.

Further Support for Brock Pierce

Other than gaining support from Akon, Pierce’s presidential ticket saw tremendous support from other renowned names. One of them was Brittany Kaiser, who was on the front line during the Trump campaign rally through Facebook.

Acting as Brock’s campaign manager, she stresses how he is committed to technology, building a robust technological infrastructure for Americans, and offering an active political forum. Finally, the other endorsement comes from Karla Ballard, an experienced brand developer. She will supposedly be his Vice President, should Pierce wins the election.

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